About Us

The Little Dogs Place is the new dog daycare concept in Rome, the first in the city center, approved by Regione Lazio.

Designed for the well-being of small dogs of any age and puppies and to be the point of reference for their owners.

The Little Dogs Place is the perfect solution not to leave the dog at home alone, to allow him to acquire new skills, to improve his communication.

The Little Dogs Place offers large and safe spaces, well delimited, equipped with air conditioning, comfortable, functional and ad hoc furnishings, with non-slip flooring. Comfortable kennels, fun games and greedy prizes.

The Little Dogs Place promotes socialization between groups of dogs divided by size, temperament and age.

The Little Dogs Place is easily reachable: a step away from the Metro A 'Colli Albani' stop and from the terminus of several buses. 

From Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm, for the whole day or just for a few hours (Saturday by reservation).

 1 hour

single entrance 15€

5 entry-booklet 69€

10 entry-booklet  129€

monthly subscription 230€

From 2 to 5 hours

single entrance 31€
5 entry booklet 133€
10 entry booklet 251€
monthly subscription  440€ 

Whole day (8am to 7pm)

single entrance  47€
5 entry booklet 203€
10 entry booklet 389€
monthly subscription 545€ 

The Little Dogs Place is open to small dogs of any age and to puppies in developmental age to allow them to relate safely, respecting their temperament, age and, above all, needs and requirements.

The Little Dogs Place is a place very similar to a kindergarten for children. In fact, the dog, just like the children, needs to socialize and interact correctly with dogs of its size, in order to learn from its peers and develop new skills, at any age.

At The Little Dogs Place dogs will do proper exercise and safe walks with other small dogs and puppies. At the end of the day, it will be relaxed and happy after being with friends all day.

Kindergarten is not suitable for all dogs: each dog will be evaluated to see if they are comfortable and if they will enjoy and interact properly with other dogs.Once it is verified that it is suitable, the most suitable group of companions will be constituted based on size, temperament and age.

For the owner's peace of mind and enjoyment, photos and videos will be sent during the day.

The Little Dogs Place values: safety, comfort, well-being, quality, accessibility, professionalism.

Kindergarten should not be a substitute of the family, a secure base for every healthy man-dog relationship, nor should it replace the thousand experiences that the dog must have in his life, but leaving him at The Little Dogs Place is very important, above all if you cannot take care of him during the day,and to ensure proper integration into daily life.